Engaging learning solutions
for project management

Teaching projects management is challenging, whether the mission is to organize a sport event, manage complex construction or to solve grand challenges of today such as climate change. Even more challenging is to teach students how to apply project management practices and tools in a specific project context.

University of Oulu project Provo provides powerful and easy to apply
learning solutions to teach project management.

Accelerate the learning process

Our learning solutions create a new way of learning: students first learn the principles and tools of how to manage a complex project. The principles and tools are then applied in a context specific project business game which simulates real life project decision-making. After the game students they can reflect their learnings. The provided learning solution includes easy to use tools and instruction for educators on how to guide the learning process either onsite or online.

We are looking for piloting partners

We are looking for piloting partners to pilot and/or develop learning solutions with us. We are interested in co-creating learning solutions to meet the specific learning objectives in different project contexts. If you do not find a learning solution to fit your specific needs, please contact us and we can work together to create one.