Project business research team at University of Oulu has a research focus on better understanding how to manage complex projects in different context. During the last years we have continuously published our research results in leading academic journal in the field.

In addition to research, we have a passion to for teaching and we dedicated in providing high quality education, which utilizes our latest research results. We found this often challenging, especially on how to teach student with little work experience how to apply often quite theoretical and/or technical concepts and tools in practice.

The core idea in PROVO project is to provide students a safe environment to apply the knowledge they have learned. Based on our research on simulation and modelling, we aim to create a platform, which can be configured to mimic projects in different context such as IT, construction, R&D, organizational change, etc…

Who we are

The core development team include prof. Jaakko Kujala, who is leading the project and has strong research interest in simulation and modelling, and how to use these approaches to create engaging educational games. Associate professor Kirsi Aaltonen research focuses on collaboration in complex projects and she is leading digitalization of project management education. Doctoral student Elina Jääskä focuses in her research work on how educations games impact learning outcomes. Postdoctoral researcher Jere Lehtinen is passionate about games and simulations, experienced in project management research and teaching, and acts as a learning solution developer with a focus on conceptual and technical design. Research assistant Kuisma Rautio has a several years experience in the configuration of learning solutions.

Jaakko Kujala
Project Manager
Kirsi Aaltonen
Kirsi Aaltonen
Associate Professor
Elina Jääskä
Doctoral Researcher
Jere Lehtinen
Postdoctoral researcher
Kuisma Rautio
Research assistant
Miska Visuri
Business Development