Building of a town house

Learned skills

Earned value management
Project scheduling
Risk management

You are building a town house for yourself and have applied for mortgage for this. It is very important to be able to estimate the situation and progress of the project throughout the project, and manage the risks related to the construction. 

Learning goals

  • Utilize activity network calculation in the management of the project schedule
  • Estimation of the project progress and application of earned value analysis in the estimation of total cost and time at completion
  • Identify and assess risks and their effects as well as plan risk management responses ​
  • Understand the implications of uncertainty and risks on project schedule and procurement management 
  • Calculate the project budget and understand the importance of contingency planning and management


  • Fundamental project management skills​
  • Project schedule management skills​
  • Earned value management skills​
  • Project risk management skills

Target group

Bachelor level students

Game duration

60 min

Suggested implementation

An individual assignment, in which the students calculate the budget and schedule for the project before playing the game based on the provided information. These estimates are provided at the start of the game and the students are asked to provide also estimates during the game. These calculations can be used as part of the game performance assessment. Game performance is determined by the project duration, total costs and quality level of the town house. The game can be integrated with Moodle and the performance grade is automatically returned to Moodle.  It is suggested that students play the game e.g. twice and the better results is taken into account in assessment. No separate de-briefing session. 

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