Concurrent engineering at University of Agder


  • Associate professor Magnus Hellström, University of Agder 
  • Course: IND514-G Project Business and Governance (part of a two year master program in industrial management and economics) 
  • Stage of study: 2nd year of a master’s program 
  • Number of students: 30 
  • Teaching mode: online 

 Learning solution

Concurrent Engineering

How it was used

  • The game was played in groups of 3-5 students in three rounds (a 10-20 minutes) with a short introduction before and a short reflective session after each round. 
  • No preparations were required from the students, but they were advised to read an article on managing information flows in a project. 

Comments and experiences

Student comment: In the lectures, we learned about concurrent engineering and through the project game we were able to experience the benefit of utilizing concurrent engineering and fast-tracking in through practical simulation of a realistic situation. The results of the game got better for each round and so did of understanding of the phenomenon. 

    Book a demo!

    Book a demo!