Circular Economy at a European Junior Expert in Circular Economy course


  • Course: Junior Expert in Circular Economy, Business Sustainability Module
  • Stage of study: European students with diverse backgrounds specializing in Circular Economy 
  • Number of students: 20
  • Teaching mode: online

 Learning solution

Circular Economy

How it was used

  • The Circular Economy Game was used as a final, integrative assignment of the Business Sustainability Module. Students were provided with the basic information about design and building of a new production line based on circular economy thinking. They had to estimate the investment costs, calculate the budget for the project and conduct a project risk analysis. Information about the project set-up was also provided. After this, the design and building of the production line was simulated and students needed to make different decisions, manage unexpected events and monitor the progress of the project. They also had to take the project’s Circular Economy index into account in their decision making, as the value of the index impacted the profits that the production line would be able to generate when in operations. The objective of the players was to get the best financial, schedule, quality and circular economy results by completing a network of tasks given the cost of employees, purchased material and external resources The production line also had to be in five years in operations and its production efficiency and product quality directly influenced the generated revenue.
  • The students played the game in groups of 4-5 students (around 90 minutes). After this they engaged in preparing and presenting a game analysis which focused on the influence of the decisions they had taken, their rationales and the key learnings from the game.

Comments and experiences

The students valued the gaming experience and felt that it was an extremely good way to  learn some of the central ides of project management and circular economy thinking. The students also enjoyed the experience a lot and felt that it got them engaged with the teaching content as well as facilitated fruitful interaction among the students.

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