Jere Lehtinen joins our team

Postdoctoral researcher Jere Lehtinen has joined in our PROVO project team as a learning solution developer. Jere focuses on the conceptual and technical design of learning solutions and develops solutions all the way from initial ideas to pilot testing and launch. Jere works with initial themes and devises learning outcomes, contents and methods, develops background narratives, context descriptions, instructions and guidelines, plans the logics, events, mechanisms, interdependencies and features of technical design, collaborates with technical configuration personnel to transfer conceptual and technical designs to technical implementation, engages with customers to plan pilot testing, participates in pilot testing as a teacher and/or facilitator, and collects feedback for further improvement and development to finalise solutions for launch.

Jere’s research focuses primarily on stakeholders, engagement, and collaboration in complex projects, but he has also conducted original research on other project management topics, such as value creation and networks. Jere has published his research in leading international project and operations management journals. In addition to research, Jere is experienced in project management teaching and theses supervision at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. He has transferred his research into teaching using a variety of teaching methods, including simulations and games.

Learn more about Jere’s research here: