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We have created multiple learning solutions which can be used to teach project management skills and practices in different contexts.

Our learning solution build on the gamified concept and offer you a complete package, which is needed to meet successfully the learning goals. In addition to the game and students’ materials, you will be provided with teachers’ materials that offer you suggested implementation and facilitation guidelines as well as materials for the de-briefing session.

Our learning solutions include short single-purpose games teaching only that one specific project management skill or they can be multi-purpose games teaching several PM methods. In each learning solution there are specified learning goals, suggested target group, duration and suggested implementation, but you may also tailor it to meet your specific educational needs. We can support you in this work.

We are looking for partners, who want to use our learning solutions and provide us feedback on how applicable they are in teaching project management. In case you don’t find learning solutions that fit your needs, please contact us and we can create a perfect solution for you.

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