We are looking for piloting partners who are interested in applying new teaching methods and developing their teaching activities using educational games.

The collaboration can take many forms, below are just a few ways how we could work with you:

Teaching with existing learning solutions

We have fully developed learning solutions with students’ material, educational computer game and teacher’s material. These have already been piloted and tested, but we are looking for additional feedback on how they can be applied in different contexts. If you are interested to use any of these solutions, we can provide you with all materials and/or also personal guidance on how we have used them. If you would rather like to have one of our experienced teachers to run the game session together with you, we are also happy to participate.

Co-development of new learning solutions

We are also continuously developing new learning solutions. Please let us know, which type of learning solution you would like to use and we can start working together to create one that you can integrate into your teaching.

Research co-operation

We are also very interested to research how educational games influence learning processes, and what are the outcomes of using educational games. Each pilot game will provide us additional feedback, which can be used to better understand this phenomenon. We have also interviewed a large number of educators about their views and experience using educational games. If you share these research interests, it would be nice to discuss these issues further.

Educational games can also be a tool and data source for research. We are for example researching decision making using game as a context for the research. It also provides a context to disseminate research results – we aim to base all learning solutions to latest research results.

    I’m interested! Send me more information, please!

    If you want to have more information about our learning solutions, contact us. We can provide you with additional material or game(s) to be tested or set up the first meeting to start collaboration.