Product line investment at Aalto University


  • Course: Diploma in project management (continuous education program at Aalto University)
  • Stage of study: Experience project managers / continuous education 
  • Number of students: 10 
  • Teaching mode: online

 Learning solution

Production line investment project

How it was used

  • Students were provided a simple project to learn game mechanics and one page information about the project.
  • During the classroom we briefly discussed about learning goals for the project, and additional brief introduction to game was provided to make sure that all students understood game mechanics.
  • Student were assigned in Zoom breakout rooms, and they played the game in pairs (one student was operator of the game and shared the screen with other student).
  • In the middle of game all player were taken to main session to provide a brief description of project status and their estimate of when project is completed and what is the final cost of the project.
  • In the de-briefing session focus was on different decision made during the project – and how they relate to learning goals. Experience project managers also provided insights from their real-life experiences. 

Comments and experiences

The project business simulation game provided different type of learning experience, which broke the normal lecture – discussion in groups – each group provide key insight from discussion cycle. 

    Book a demo!

    Book a demo!