Project Management at Open University at the University of Oulu


  • Course: Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Stage of study: Adult learners (with all kinds of backgrounds) 
  • Number of students: 120
  • Teaching mode: online

 Learning solution

Building of a town house

How it was used

  • The project business game was used as a final, integrative assignment of the Fundamentals of Project Management course that is part of the University of Oulu’s lifelong learning. Students were provided with the basic information about the town house project they had to manage. They were also provided with information related to the tasks of the project and cost of resources and personnel based on which they had to calculate the budget and schedule for the project. The project game was then played during which students needed to make decisions and monitor the progress of the project as well as make earned value analysis calculations to estimate the completion time and costs. Different unexpected events and risks also realized during the game. The objective of the player is to get the best financial, schedule and quality results by completing a network of tasks given the cost of employees, purchased material and external resources. A short video on the game mechanics was also provided as a pre-material. 
  • The students played the game individually (around 45 minutes/game) and could play the game as many times they wanted during a pre-determined period. The game was integrated to Moodle and the game results, which affected the course assessment were returned directly from the game to Moodle.

Comments and experiences

The project business simulation game was considered as a very engaging way to learn and apply the gained knowledge of project management in practice. Here is a comment from an adult student: 

  • The game illustrated what was learned very well and also tested the capability to apply knowledge better than other types of exercises. It required me to truly internalize the essential knowledge better than what for example a test would have demanded.  

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