Design, construction and operations of an industrial plant

Learned skills

Advanced project management
Cost management
Earned value management
Project planning
Risk management

The context of the solution is the position of a project manager in a large international company, which is considering to invest on a plant to produce chemical X for the company’s internal use. But before the project can start, an investment proposal needs to be created and a simulation of the design, construction and operations of the plant for 10 years needs to be implemented to convince the management board about the feasibility of the investment. 

Learning goals

  • Identify the main cost elements in an industrial investment project. ​
  • Understand the importance of product life-cycle costs and operational expenditure (OPEX) when determining the profitability of an investment. ​
  • Understand different phases and tasks in an industrial investment project. ​
  • Identify and manage typical risks in an industrial investment project. ​
  • Understand the business implications of decisions made during the project


  • Advanced project management skills​
  • Project cost management skills (estimation, budgeting)​
  • Project controlling skills (particularly Earned value management skills)​
  • Investment calculation/capital budgeting skills​
  • Industrial investment project planning skills​
  • Project risk management skills

Target group

Master level or MBA students

Game duration

3 hours

Suggested implementation

Group work assignment to prepare an investment proposal, presentation of the proposal & feedback, game session, de-briefing session and/or final report. Can be implemented fully on-line or combined with classroom teaching. 

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