Introduction to project schedule and resources management

Learned skills

Critical path
Project planning
Project scheduling
Risk management

In this learning solution the aim is to apply basic project scheduing and resource management techniques to manage a simple project. However, the project is a little bit more challenging to manage as it looks. You will face some risk, which will influence projects progress. You need to make decision how to mitigate risks and prioritize between time, cost and quality. Your task is to control the project and align resources to deliver project on time and within budget.

Learning Goals

Upon completion of the learning solution the student will be able to  

  • Explain the basic principles of project planning and scheduling. ​
  • Apply critical path analysis to determine project schedule and manage resources accordingly​
  • Understand the importance of project planning decisions in the execution phase. ​
  • Deal with various sources of uncertainty (i.e. weather risk, employee skills, quality and material related problems) that influence project implementation. ​
  • Control the project and align resources to deliver the project on time and within budget​
  • Understand the role of project complexity, uncertainty and time criticality in project management 


  • Project scheduling skills​
  • Critical path analysis skills​
  • Project planning skills​
  • Risk management skills

Target Group

Bachelor, master level or MBA students (with basic knowledge in project management)​

Game duration

 45 minutes / 2 hours lecture 

Suggested implementation

Students should be familiar with basic project scheduling methods such as critical path method before the class. There are two simple project to learn  game mechanics, after completing those games student can take a challenge to manage a little bit more complex project individually or in small groups, after the game there is a de-briefing session and/or final report. Can be implemented fully on-line or combined with classroom teaching.

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