Circular Economy

Learned skills

HSEQ management
Project planning
Risk management
Stakeholder management
Sustainability management

You are working in a company that focuses on the separation and disposal of construction waste. The company is planning to extend its capacity and build a new waste separation production line system, which utilizes latest automation technologies for the waste processing. You have been assigned as the project manager of this project, which includes planning, design and execution tasks. The aim is to execute the project in a sustainable manner – taking into account, economic, ecological and social sustainability in a manner that maximizes the overall profitability of the investment.

Learning goals

After playing the game the student is able to

  • Explain the basic principles related to project cost management
  • Make informed decisions that take into account the circular economy perspective
  • Understand the importance of stakeholder engagement and its implications for project performance ​
  • Deal with various sources of uncertainty i.e. weather risk, safety, quality and sustainability related problems) that influence project implementation
  • Control the project and align resources to deliver the project on time and within budget
  • Understand the importance of project planning decisions in the execution and operations phase​


  • Fundamental project management skills​
  • Project sustainability management and circular economy management skills​
  • Project stakeholder management skills​
  • Project uncertainty and risk management skills
  • HSEQ management skills
  • Project planning skills

Target group

Bachelor level students

Game duration

Approximately 90 minutes

Suggested implementation

A group assignment, for which students receive a pre-reading materials that provides them with the basic project information. They need to estimate the investment costs and determine the budget for the project based on the information, as well as conduct an initial risk analysis. After playing the game, the students can engage in a post-game analysis and assess project performance and the impact on the made decisions on it, conduct a detailed risk analysis based on the events they faced in the game, analyse how their decisions affected the circular economy index and provide key learnings. After this, afacilitated discussion on the learnings is then provided by the teachers.

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