Production line investment project

Learned skills

Front-end management
Project success
Risk management
Stakeholder management

Your task is to design and implement a new production line to manufacture a new product. One of the key tasks is to consider, how deeply and extensively the different stakeholders should be engaged during the early design phase of the production line. The final success of the project is determined based on the total profitability of the investment after five years of operations. 

Learning goals

  • Evaluate how the decisions made during the project influence the total value of the investment.
  • Understand how the engagement of internal stakeholders and/or early integration of key subcontractors influence project success. ​
  • Identify and manage typical risks in small investment projects. ​
  • •Analyze project success from the perspective of different stakeholders. 


  • Early stakeholder involvement skills​
  • Risk management skills in small investment projects​
  • Project success evaluation skills​
  • Project front-end management skills

Target group

Master level or MBA students

Game duration

45 min

Suggested implementation

Students prepare for the class by playing a simple project business game, so that they are familiar with the game mechanics. They also receive some information about the investment project, which prepares them  for the game. The game is recommended to be played in groups of 2-3 students, so that they can discuss their decisions. After 15 weeks of project activities the game is stopped, and students are asked to give a short report to the management board (teacher) about the status of the project. After this the game continues. In the de-briefing the focus is on analyzing  the decisions made during the project and students can also bring up their real- life experiences of similar situations. The learning solution includes materials for 2-3 hours session. The learning solutions can be implemented fully on-line or as part of classroom teaching. 

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