University interviews reveal need for gamified solutions in teaching project management.

As part of the Provo project we are doing interviews among university professors and teacher about the usage and need for gamified solutions on teaching project management.

Preliminary results reveal that gamified solutions and experimental learning are seen as efficient tool to improve students’ learning results. The key benefits based on the interviews are

  • Students’ interest to learning content increases
  • Students learn by doing, trial and error in risk-free environment
  • Students get a memorable learning experience
  • Students learn generic skills like problem solving, decision making and collaboration
  • Teachers can motivate and engage students with versatile teaching methods
  • Teachers get tools for teaching scalable classes (team size, learner profile, modality)
  • Teachers can better achieve and measure learning outcomes

The interviews also provide development needs in current solutions in experimental learning. The most important factors seems to be the availability of context and culture specific games and furthermore support in using them.